Urandir and Team Zigurats conduct research at Mardin in Turkey

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On the 3rd day of the 8th Dakila Zigurats Expedition Surveys that took place in Turkey in 2014, Urandir and the Dakila Research team conducted a study in Mardin. Mardin Province is located 15 km from the Syrian border and is a part of Kurdistan's historic area and is traditionally considered to be the border between Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Most if not most inhabitants are Kurdish, but in addition to Turks, there are also significant minorities of Syrians (the ancient Chaldeans) and Arabs.
The team visited the old center of Mardin where even today you can find people who speak Aramaic, the original language of Jesus. It was possible to find traces of the occupation by Sumerians on site. The purpose of the on-site research was also to collect evidence and evidence of the passage of Christ in this region and, according to some references, it was in the Mardin region that Sarah the wife of Abraham was born. 
Urandir and the team took advantage and distributed gifts to downtown merchants and school supplies to the city's children. 

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