Ratanabá: The First Capital of the World

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Ratanaba the capital of the world

Ratanabá. Irdin word meaning “from kingdoms to world”
Ratan = emperors, empire, dominant empire.
Kinaba = world, worlds or "those who transit between worlds".
The junction of the two words Ratanabá means "from the Empire to the world" or "from the kingdoms to the world" or "capital of the world"
Irdin = The first language of the land spoken by the Muril

The Muril civilization was the first to arrive on earth 600 million years ago. The Murils stayed here until just before the rise of the Andes, around 450 million years ago. They settled for a period of 150 million years mapping and demarcating our planet. Their goal was not to colonize, but they brought people to help with their work.

The central Muril Empire was in the region where today there is the Amazon Forest. This empire that was the center of all civilization, the capital of the world, was called Ratanabá.

After the mapping work was completed, the Murils left leaving their buildings and technologies. Because our planet was so beautiful, many of the Muril workers and direct descendants chose to stay on Earth.

When the rise of the Andes occurred due to the shock of a large celestial body that fell to Earth, there was the elevation of the tectonic plate of the entire continent, which caused the flooding of the Ratanabá region, losing 30% of its flatness. As a result all rivers in the region that originally went north changed their course south. After flooding and burial, the region became a huge forest, the largest in the world. Few of the remnants of the Muril and their workers survived this catastrophe and were islanded to small tribes.

Even today it is possible to find in the Amazon tribes of Muril descent: the tribe of bat Indians who are descendants of the Muril helper workers, and the southern Amazon albino Indians who are direct descendants of the Muril with almost intact genetics. The Albino Indians are a tribe of very brave and warrior Indians, their height varies from two meters to two meters and a half; have great wisdom; and a vast knowledge about plants; It also has a much longer life expectancy than ours. The albino Indians still maintain the same hierarchy as the Muril, with their membership divided into commissions and each commission with one lord, such as the economic commission, the social commission, and so on. To this day the albino Indians speak a dialect inherited from the Muril which is Irdin.

As the region became a forest, today Ratanabá and all technology, including many artifacts from the Muril civilization, are hidden and buried within the Amazon rainforest. The Murils had great knowledge and technology in cutting and stone construction. Most of the ancient stone constructions were made by the Muril but credited to later civilizations. There were some gigantic buildings and monuments scattered across the earth's surface on every continent we know today as forts. Some have already been destroyed and their foundations have served various purposes. In Brazil most of these foundations were used for the construction of churches by the Jesuits. Other forts still remain intact or with minor changes. The forts built by the Muril served as indicators for the forts of the same commission. The tips of the forts indicated the direction of the roads where they should land at Ratanabá, which was a mega airport.

Other buildings left by the Muril were the Geoglyphs that served as a flag or map to be seen from above. Each geoglyph was also a base, on the surface and underground.

The Peabiru Path was also created by the Muril to unite the continents and was to be seen from above, but the main function was to be used by the walking workers.

Fragments of Muril history can be found on Sumerian tablets, some Dead Sea scrolls, and the Book of Enoch. In addition, the Ingá Stone in Paraíba tells part of this story, especially the one about the creation of man. In Nova Brasilândia in Rondônia there is a stone that also brings the record of the whole history of humanity and the mechanism of the universe.

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