Kion Cosmetics is the winner of the “Trophy Awards 2019” at Caras Castle in the United States.

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Kion Cosmetics, which has its origin in South Mato Grosso lands has just received a great international recognition of quality. The beauty products manufactured by BKC - Brazilian Kimberlite Clay - chaired by businessman Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, were the big winners of the “Trophy Awards 2019”, an event held annually at Castelo de Caras in New York State, United States.

Entrepreneur Urandir Fernandes, accompanied by BKC directors Luciano Didier, Alan Oliveira and Urian Ferraciolli, received the award that values the clay extracted in the municipality of Corguinho as the basis for the manufacture of cosmetics. Grosso do Sul and with each passing year spreads throughout the world. Considered the best clay in the world, with more than 120 minerals in its composition, BKC clay is a highlight in health and beauty.

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