American engineer states that he works in Area 51

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According to research and studies on the famous Area 51, the site would be a large extraterrestrial study laboratory and that even some alien beings work together with the US government.
To corroborate the theories, American engineer Boyd Bushman decided to put a little more controversy over the rumors, stating that the aliens exist and work in partnership with humans in Area 51.
Prior to his death, Bushman recorded a video showing that there are extraterrestrial ships and remains in Area 51, widely studied by the US government.
Bushman's words sparked controversy, especially because he is a highly renowned engineer in the United States and not just an adventurer wanting fame.
Bushman has an amazing resume and has made many professional contributions over the past 40 years to Lockheed Martin, an aerospace corporation.

A video of Bushman was published on a YouTube channel, where he shows several photographic records that he started to put together 10 years ago, when, according to him, the first official ET studies began.
Bushman further commented that humans in Area 51 communicate with ETs telepathically, and that people hear responses through voices within their minds.

The great controversy over extraterrestrials gained weight when Karen Hude stated a few months ago that governments and the church are controlled by extraterrestrials. Karen Hude is a renowned and renowned andxecutiva, a former World Bank adviser, who was recently fired for revealing information about bank corruption and the domination mechanisms of its owners. Karen holds a bachelor's degree in law from Yale University and economics from the University of Amsterdam. She has worked for the Export-Import Bank of the United States and also with the World Bank Legal Department for 20 years, where she was a senior advisor.

Many question whether Bushman is telling the truth, since there is no evidence of his claims and, some pictures, are of traditional dolls sold in the US at Halloween times.
Bushman's statements were recorded shortly before his death. According to some reports, it is possible that the famous Halloween doll was produced and rushed into stores before Bushman had the courage to disclose it in 1997, making him look “crazy” if he tried to report the case. to the world.

Already in Brazil, the dissemination about extraterrestrial life has great advancement through Urandir and the partnership with 49 races of extraterrestrial beings with Dakila Research, as it is public knowledge that more than 1500 people from Brazil and some other countries have already contacted these beings, who pass targeted information on health, diet and well-being.
Given this we can see that this subject is in great evidence on the world stage, which clearly demonstrates the rush that those involved have to show the world the existence of


The questions that remain are: Why would such a renowned engineer, considered a great expert, put his reputation and name in the mud by inventing & #8220; lies & #8221; before I die? Why would a reputable executive put her reputation at risk by revealing this information? Why in Brazil is Urandir so persecuted and defamed by casuistic ufology? What do governments, large corporations and religious leaders want to hide from the public?
Well, do we know the correct truth? or does anyone here still doubt the existence of extraterrestrial beings? we will continue to seek knowledge…

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