ABFIP Awards Dakila Researchers for Earth Shape Scientific Findings

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In recognition of the importance of scientific experiments that prove that the earth is not spherical but flat in the waters and convex on the continents, researchers and scientists from Dakila Research, authors of the study, were awarded, this Wednesday (13), in the City Council São Paulo (SP), by the Brazilian Association of International Peace Forces of the UN (Abfip / UN). The 33 honorees received the Medal of Merit Cape Carlos Adalberto Ilha De Macedo & #8220; Heroes of the Six Day War & #8221; along with diplomas and buttons. This was the first time the entity has awarded medals in the scientific field.
           According to the diploma received by the scientists, the honor established by Resolution ABFIP & #8211; 001/18 commends the commendation of the Dakila Honors Researches for its meritorious performance with the Security Forces, extolling the name of Brazil and for its dedication to preserving the historical memory of Btl Suez veterans' performance.
         The scientific experiments were released in the feature film Terra Convexa: The Documentary, released worldwide in March, in 13 languages. Conducted over seven years, the studies were done in different parts of the world, accompanied by government institutions and professionals from various segments of Brazil and other countries, such as astronomers, cartographers, geologists, surveyors and civil engineers.
          According to Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, president of Dakila Research, this award represents a victory not only for the researchers and scientists who participated in the experiments, but for all humanity. & #8220; The purpose of our studies was to investigate the inconsistencies presented by science regarding the shape of the Earth and the results overturned the thesis that it is spherical. Transmitting this information to humanity has not been easy because we have come up against the wrong paradigms and theories and laws of physics and mathematics, but this recognition gives us even more breath to continue the search and dissemination of truth & #8221; says Oliveira.
         During the ceremony, the president of Abfip / UN, Walter Mello de Vargas, said that this was the first step towards a partnership between the entity and Dakila Research aimed at the good of humanity. #8220; We are united by the same goals, in different ways, but the goals are the same. Today is a special day to have your presence here, I hope it is the first of many and that we will talk to plan many projects for good & #8221; declares Vargas.
Convex Earth
           Using state-of-the-art equipment, seven scientific experiments were carried out: geodetic, which consists of measuring two buildings with wide distance, based on sea level; laser experiment to check water flatness; water leveling; Optical distortions related to reflective processes; boat experiment on the horizon; gravity and celestial body experiments.
         The documentary, methodology and technology employed are available at terraconvexa.com.br. & #8220; We invite all scientists from anywhere in the world to redo the scientific experiments to ascertain the results. We will provide all the necessary support & #8221; stresses Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira.
Website: http://www.terraconvexa.com.br

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